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IHG® Rewards Club Offers - Exclusive Member Offers

Join IHG® Members Club The best rate–Your Rate– and many more extras await when you book directly with IHG.
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The best experiences in the world start with Your Rate. It's our exclusive IHG®Rewards Club price—and it's only available when you book direct.

So you can add “no more shopping around” to your list of benefits.

Your Rate is more than the best deal and great rewards. IHG® Rewards Club members also receive:

- Free Wi-Fi to keep you connected on all devices

- Concierge Access to help you discover the best places in town

- Bonus point offers to get you to rewards even faster

To find your perfect hotel—and the best price—use the search tool above now. 

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There’s a reason over 100 million people have enrolled in IHG®Rewards Club. Come discover it for yourself.


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Stay Connected

Stay Connected

As an IHG® Rewards Club member, you get free Wi-Fi on any of your devices during your stay at an IHG property.

Earn more points

Earn more points

Bonus point offers included when you book directly on IHG.

Concierge Access Included

Concierge Access Included

As a member of
IHG® Rewards Club you get free concierge access during your stay.