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Crowne Plaza Beihai Silver Beach

Découvrir Beihai

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Suggestions locales

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Weizhou island scenery

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We are 25.3 kilometers from Beihai Fucheng Airport and 8.2 kilometers from Beihai Railway Station. In addition to Beihai Silver Beach Park, we are also nearby Beihai Wanda Plaza shopping mall. Area attractions include Beihai Qiaogang Folk Custom Street, Beihai Expo Garden, Guantouling Mountain National Forest Park and Weizhou Island.


The soft sands of Silver Beach, magnificent lava rock landscape of Weizhou Island and easygoing charms of Qiaogang Folk Custom Street all reveal something special about Beihai. Visitors fall in love with this beautiful port city, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, artistic shell carving handicrafts and incredibly delicious seafood.

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In beihai waves to goldengulf mangrove beach combing, take to beihai old street north sea historical vicissitude, experience the vietnam Qiaogang Folk Custom Street in Qiaogang Folk Custom Street.

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Dry seafood products, pearls, sea duck eggs, arts and crafts

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Beihai Silver Beach

Middle Yintan Road, Yinhai District, Beihai, Guangxi 536000

Beihai Silver Beach is a famous tourist attraction in Beihai, covering an area of about 38 square kilometers. The land area is 12 square kilometers and the total area is about 38 square kilometers. The white and delicate beach will be silvery, so it is called the Silver Beach. The Silver Beach of Beihai is known as "the first beach in the world" for its characteristics of "long flat beach, fine white sand, clean water temperature, soft waves and no sharks".

Beihai Qiaogang Folk Custom Street

Qiaogang town, Yinhai District,, Beihai, Guangxi 536000

Beihai Qiaogang Folk Custom Street is ful of seafood here, barbecue, Vietnamese food, sugar water for the whole street with energy, is a real gourmet paradise.

Weizhou Island

Weizhou Island, Yinhai District, Beihai, Guangxi 536000

Weizhou Island is the youngest extinct volcanic island in China. The crocodile mountain scenic area is covered with mountains of volcanic rocks, rich sea erosion scenery in Danping, beaches with different styles, long-standing human attractions, rich water sports, beautiful sunsets, and every scene is lingering and unforgettable.

Beihai Ancient City

Zhuhai Road, Haicheng district, Beihai, Guangxi 536000

Beihai old street recorded the process of development of Beihai, laid the foundation of beihai city life. Old buildings have their own local characteristics and the characteristics of the lingnan architecture, also learned some of the western building art style.