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Crowne Plaza Shenyang Parkview

Esplora Shenyang

Suggerimenti locali

Suggerimenti locali

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Liu Laogen Grand Stage located at Zhongjie Street,Shenyang,which is song-and-dance duet featured facetious actor's line. It attracted many visitors to enjoy the performance.


Beat downtown Shenyang traffic by travelling on the city's gleaming new subway system, making inner-city transport from Crowne Plaza Shenyang Parkview a breeze.

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Take a chairlift through the fragrant wooded valleys of the Qipan Mountains, an area famed for its running streams and tweeting birds 35km from Crowne Plaza Shenyang Parkview. In winter, be sure to check out the vast, expertly carved ice sculptures.

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Setting eyes on the priceless calligraphy and pottery at the Shenyang Imperial Palace, the original Forbidden City before the Emperor shifted to Beijing. Built in 1650, its 300 rooms offer an insight into the workings of the early Qing Dynasty.

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Cose da fare

Shenyang Imperial Palace

Shenhe District Shenyang Road, No.171, Senyang, Liaoning 110000

Beiling Park

泰山路12号, 皇姑区, 沈阳市, 辽宁省