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Crowne Plaza Zhanjiang

Esplora Zhanjiang

Suggerimenti locali

Suggerimenti locali

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The serenity of Huguangyan's glassy crater lake, banked by lush forests and flora, will pull you 20km out of the city. Head for the 1,000-year-old Buddhist monastery of Lengyan and the botanical garden fragranced with the scent of rare, precious plants.


The Soviet-styled Zhanjiang Museum resides among the botanical gardens of Canjin Bridge Park, 15 minutes from Crowne Plaza Zhanjiang. Its 3 storeys brim with cultural relics from ancient dynasties and it welcomes visiting art and photography exhibitions.


Enjoy Zhanjiang's unique human dragon dance at its yearly spring and mid-autumn festivals. Adult men wearing colourful sashes act as the dragon's legs while children clasped to their necks form the long body, swirling to the hurrying thump of the drum.

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You'll see south China's connection with Australia's Queensland flourishing at the joyous Sino-Australian Friendship Garden. More than 200 species of plants native to both nations sing to the same tropical tune, 15 minutes from Crowne Plaza Zhanjiang.

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Introducing your toes to the soft, powdery beaches and clear waters of Donghai Island, 1 hour's drive away. You can hunt for sand crabs and engage with locals at the fishing village, helping them draw in their nets of shells to sell at the seafood market.

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