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Crowne Plaza Zhuhai City Center

Esplora Zhuhai

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Suggerimenti locali

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It's 10-min drive from Holiday Inn Zhuhai to the New Yuanming Palace, with its sprawling 344-acre parkland and a replica of Beijing's Old Summer Palace. Stroll around the large Fuhai Lake and take in scenic Ming- and Qing-dynasty imperial gardens. It's 5-min walk from hotel to museum, located in the central of Zhuhai Tourism, Trade Center and Financial, is one of the symbolic buildings in Zhuhai.


You will pick up bargains at department stores close to Holiday Inn Zhuhai. 5 minutes walk to beach,drive 5 minutes to the Macau border for the Gongbei shopping centre, where you can hunt for quality goods. It's a 5-minute walk to Zhuhai Duty Free Mall for tax-free treats.


Ferry run from Jiuzhou Port on the Pearl River Delta to Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal and Shenzhen's Shekou port. It's 5 minutes' drive from the Hotel and a ferry also makes the 50-minute journey to Hong Kong International Airport twice a day.

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Hone your golfing swing at 3 major courses during your stay. There's the Zhuhai International Golf Club, 25km away, with its mountain-view seaside green, the rolling Zhuhai Golden Gulf Golf Club, 36km away, has a lush 18-hole course and 3 lakes and Lakewood Golf Club with 18-hole also.

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Watching fast cars and bikes whiz around the hairpin bends at the Grand Prix Zhuhai International Circuit, 12km away. The raceway hosts many high-octane events, like the China Superbike Championship and the Hong Kong and Macau touring car championships. Oktoberfest is held in New Yunming Palace in October with many wonderful programs.

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Chime Long Ocean Kingdom

Chime Long International Circus City