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Crowne Plaza Yantai Sea View

Ontdek Yantai

Plaatselijke tips

Plaatselijke tips


Admire remarkable stone inscriptions, painted roof beams and columns bearing calligraphy by famed literary figures at the ancient clifftop Penglai Pavilion, 90 minutes away. Strike it lucky and you'll see a mirage as the mist unwraps from Danya Mountain.

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Our Concierge's advice is gold dust for virgin hiking routes around Nan Shan Scenic Area, 90 minutes from Crowne Plaza Yantai Sea View. Head for the huge Buddhist statues, chiselled into The Thousand Buddha Mountain, as you cut through shady pine forests.


Banquets, dancing and public parades celebrate Yantai's International Wine Festival in September. Step from Crowne Plaza Yantai Sea View to the International Expo Centre to appreciate fine wines from over 30 countries and bid for rare vintages at auction.

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Descend into the dimmed cellar at Changyu Wine Museum, 20 minutes away, for tastings of winning brandies, vermouths and Rieslings from ageing oak barrels. Upstairs, pictures and videos trace the story of Yantai wine production from cradle to adulthood.

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Examining the lively drawings of scenes from Chinese stories passed through the years at Yantai Museum, 15 minutes away. Look out for dragon motifs carved into stone columns and the mythical creatures fancifully ornamenting the former guildhall's eaves.



Penglai Pavilion

No. 7 Yingbin road Penglai, Yantai, Shandong 264000

Penglai Pavilion is one of the most famous pavilions in China and it is famous of something imaginary a mirage.

Yantai Mountain Touring Area

No. 7 Lixin Road, Zhifu District, Yantai, Shandong 264000

The Yantai Mountain is situated in the north of the city. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, the mountain boasts beautiful scenery. Here not only can you enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, you can also get to know the culture of this open port.