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Cigarette butts in the driveway.


09. September 2021


I stayed here because I had a medical conference at a nearby hotel. The hotel worked great for that. My room and the hotel in general were in excellent condition and it was a comfortable stay. Unfortunately, I walked back and forth to my conference frequently and the driveway was full of cigarette butts for my entire stay. I don't know why the manager would not have those cleaned.

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Reservation and Room Cleanliness


03. August 2021

The hotel was called to tell them we were late one day and not to cancel the reservation. They had indicated that everything was fixed, but surprise, when we got to the inn they had canceled the reservation. We had to pay the reservation again to stay. In addition, in the three days we stayed, the room was NEVER cleaned or towels changed.
They have no one to guide the places of interest to visit in the city.

This is our first negative experience at a Holiday Inn.

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Valet Extortion


14. Mai 2019

After spending 14+ hours in airports and airplanes I arrived after midnight on a Wednesday night. I found the hotel and pulled up to the doors. There was a sign at the valet stand that said $40 overnight valet and $20 for daily valet. I wasn't interested in spending $40 to park the rental car so I asked the valet where I could park. He said it was valet only. I asked if there was any other parking and he pointed across the street to a paid parking lot. I asked how much that cost and he just shrugged.

I was tired so I accepted the valet service. I walked in and up to the front desk. The clerk asked me how my day was going to which I responded "Fine until I found out I was going to have to pay $40 for valet." I asked him where else I could park and he too pointed across the street. I asked him how much it cost and he said he didn't know.

How is it that hotel staff do not know how much parking costs right across the street from where they work? I later found out it was only $20 overnight and it was literally only 100 feet from the front door.

If you're going to charge me $40 to park in your parking, just include it in the room price. Why would you surprise your guests with that kind of valet charge to start their guest experience?

My only bright spot was a young lady named Yovanda who not only told me where her favorite place to eat was during her shift but walked me outside and pointed to it so I would know where to go.

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