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Holiday Inn Putian Xiuyu

No. 108 Qingtang Road, Xiuyu District




Mainland China 

Check-in: 2PM

Check-out: 12AM

Età check-in:16


Putian Xiuyu No. 108 Qingtang Road, Xiuyu District

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Centro città
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Sud Est
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11.37 MI/ 18.3 KM


  • Meizhou Island
Da vedere

Da vedere

Meizhou Island, praised as "the Southern Penglai Island", is the birthplace of culture of Godness of Mazu. On the island there are more than 30 features such as attractive Sound of Mei Tide, Jiubao River Golden Beach with a name of Eastern Hawaii, Fantastic Stones in the shape of geese tail in the Little Stone Forest. Meizhou Island is praised as Eastern Mecca.
Da non perdere

Da non perdere

Min Cuisine (Fujian Cuisine) is one of the Eight Great Cuisines in China, and is famous for cooking seafood, beautiful color, magic taste of fresh, soft and not greasy, particularly emphasizing on umami taste. The most commonly employed cooking techniques in the region‘s cuisine include braising, stewing, steaming and boiling, making good use of soup when cooking.
Non tornare a casa senza

Non tornare a casa senza

"Nowhere no litchi in Li city" - this is the first feeling of Mr. Guo Moruo to Putian. Putian, also known as Li city, started litchi cultivation since the Tang Dynasty. Putian litchi is famous as many varieties, big fruit, flesh milky white, juicy and refreshing fragrance at home and abroad. Don't forget to bring some back if you have plan to visit Putian.


The hotel takes about 100 minutes to Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport, which is quite convenient and efficient for air transport. Airports have bus access to the city center. Jinjiang departure lounge built in Putian in 2013 makes it convenient for passengers. Putian Railway station is 5 km distance from hotel, providing convenient access to Shanghai, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen and so on.