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Holiday Inn Express Jonestown - Ft. Indiantown Gap

3 Everest Lane , Jonestown, Pennsylvania 17038

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Holiday Inn Express Quality not provided


18. September 2021


Lets begin. On 5/20/21 I received email Confirmation# 41998133 for my stay. On 9/8/21 I received a voicemail from Tammy saying my room would not be available the hotel was overbooked. I called & explained it was not my problem I have a confirmation number of the booking. Karen then said she would resolve the issue another way and we would have a room. My room 302 bathroom had a hole in the wall that had been patched but not painted, The plumbing on the shower faucet was plumbed incorrectly the Hot was the Cold and the Cold was the Hot, There was no ironing board, no hair dryer, the painting on the wall extended onto the door frame (looks like a toddler painted this room). On Thurs 9/16/21 at breakfast when I lifted up the top on the jar with fruit lots of fruit flies flew out of the jar. The hotel floors were dirty as well as my room. I stay at Holiday Inn Express Frequently. This is clearly a Day$ Inn Conversion gone BAD! You can put lipstick on a PIG but you still have a PIG!

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What a mess


07. Juli 2021

Checked in around 11:00PM or so as we had a reservation. Had a confirmation number but when we checked in they told us we had no room. Really? At 11:00 at night after driving for hours? Total confusion. HThen they cancelled my reservation and told me to look elsewhere. Really. Yup. Had to call IHG then after waiting for 45 minutes and exhausted they found a room. What a mess. The breakfast whatever is a total disaster. Not finished. Such a mess. Can’t wait to get out of here. Why isn’t IHG checking this mess out?

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