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Oktober 26, 2019

Imagine finding out your mom has cancer. Imagine your beautiful mom losing her hair, going weeks unable to eat, and having a hard time getting sleep.
It’s reality for my mom. So, when she CAN sleep, it’s a big deal.
We had come to Anschutz for her chemo. My mom lives in Gillette, WY. She drove 5+ hours to this hotel and was exhausted when she got there. I live on Fort Carson as my husband is Army. My two month old daughter and I met her at the hotel on 10/17 around check in time.
Get to the room, huge room, huge bed. Love it. It’s nice and clean, no complaints whatsoever.
Next day. 10/18
Around 5, we decide to get some dinner and go around town. As we were leaving, we walked through the lobby into what seemed like an event going on. When we come back to our room, we start trying to relax, getting ready for bed. Until we hear this loud music/bass, we are on the 5th floor so we thought someone near us must have been throwing a party. That’s fine, it’s around 7:30 pm, we’ll give it a couple hours. Around nine, my mom calls the front desk. No answer. She goes down to the lobby, and can clearly see that there is a party going on up in the second floor, as second floor is open to the first floor, and there are people dressed up, hanging out in the lobby. She is told by two men at the front desk, that the event would be ending around 11-11:30 pm, and they’re surprised because “no one has ever complained, from the 5th floor, about hearing a party.” Okay. She comes back upstairs, and we try to ignore it.
Keep in mind, I have a two month old baby, and a mother with cancer in this room that we cannot sleep in.
Midnight swings around, the music/bass is still going on, doesn’t seem like it will be ending any time soon. And now there are a few men, yelling, being loud, etc. in the room next to us. She calls the front desk back, asks to be moved to a different room, away from the party guests, is told “because of the room you have, there is no other identical room available “. We decide to check out. Which sucks because we had just made another reservation that same day, for 10/20-10/21 (to which we didn’t stay, to which we never got the refund for). When we went to check out, the lady had (purposely, I would say) taken off her name tag, and was extremely rude to my mother when we told her why we were checking out. “It’s not my fault,” she tells us. When asked about the refund for the next reservation, we are told “I have to ask my manager about it, he’s not here until Sunday.” We leave.
If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, or to have a comfortable bed to rest in after a medical treatment, this is NOT the place for you.
This place obviously favors the higher paying customer.
I would not recommend this hotel to anyone.
Go to Comfort Suites down the road. Still close to Anschutz, and actually has less noise from the road, as it sits further back from the road. Happy Hotel Hunting!

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Do not stay here!


September 23, 2019

I am a spire elite member and i stayed here 2 weeks ago on my vacation. Our stay started out fine and then on the final evening things got bad. I came up to the room myself 1st and I could smell cigarette smoke in the room. I called the front desk to let them know and was told they would get back to me once they investigated the issue. When i hadn't heard anything back, i walked out of my room and found Carlos walking the floor. I asked him to come into the room and he said he could smell the smoke but it was faint. When my wife came up to the room she said the room smelled like smoke too. She felt it wasn't a faint smell either. Either way, it shouldn't matter since its a non smoking room. Carlos said that he wouldn't charge us for the final night but when i checked out he was only willing to give us 5000 points. I told him i was spending 20,000 points per night to stay so why would he give me only 5000. He then reneged on his offer from the night before and he said that the smell was too faint. I reiterated that he made the offer to reimburse us for a full nights stay and should do so. I didn't even make the request for a full nights reimbursement, he offered it. If i spent $100 for the room that night why would i take $25 reimbursement? If you choose to stay here beware of any promises made to you.

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the good and the bad


Juli 10, 2019

note: as an IHG employee, I'm leaving this review for management notice only. Do not post on website.

this hotel was very clean and inviting and I learned that it had only been open for several months. I'm giving you this review as a current employee of a Holiday Inn Express in another city.
PRO's...The lobby, waiting area, hallways and elevator were very clean and well kept. The room was very clean and comfortable and didn't have any odd smells. The thermostat was easy to use and the room maintained a comfortable temperature. Linens, towels, bed comforter/duvet were all clean and acceptable.
CON's...the lady that helped me check in on the night of July 7 seemed to be struggling. it took longer than it should to get 2 rooms, even though I had made a reservation. Once I got to my room, I opened the door only to find that the room was occupied!! I closed the door quickly. The occupant came out and we discussed what had happened. I went back down to the front desk to let her know what had happened and to get another room. She offered me a bottled drink from the cooler (as compensation I guess??). On the morning of the 8th we all went down to get breakfast and it was totally unacceptable. Warming trays for the sausage and eggs must have been turned off because everything was room temp or below and seemed as though it had been sitting there for several hours (cold and hard). I decided to get a bowl of oatmeal only to find that it too was barely room temp and very watery. The breakfast attendant obviously didn't know how to prepare the pancake mix as evidenced by the splattering and plopping of thick pancake batter that was coming out of the machine. She then proceeded to bring my daughter a plate of this mess as if she was proud that she was able to get anything out of the machine at all. I ended up eating a cinnamon roll and glass of apple juice. As an employee of a HIE, I can tell you that our breakfast food is checked with a food thermometer at regular intervals and thrown out if found to be below the acceptable/safe temperatures.
I hope that my comment doesn't come across as though I'm just trying to bash Holiday Inn Express. In fact I stayed at an HIE in Gulfport, MS this spring and had an excellent experience, and I could not be more proud of the one where I work. There were just a couple issues that I felt needed to be made aware to management and addressed.

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