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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Harrisburg S - Mechanicsburg

5011 Louise Drive , Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17055

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Thankyou Trish


Juni 21, 2022


My son and I stayed three nights for a basketball camp. The rooms were very clean and the breakfast was delicious. The location is ideal for a safe walk or run and is within walking distance to local restaurant. Our first night we were below a large group with kids and the floors boomed with noise. The front desk responded quickly and helped quiet our noisy neighbors. The next day Trish helped relocate us to the fourth floor and we enjoyed two nights of peace and quiet. Thank you Trish! The hotel is clean!!! The fitness room is excellent. There is a Small pool indoors so not a big attraction for us. The bathroom fixtures are cheap and need replacing but it wouldn’t deter us from staying here again and again, because everything else was awesome in particular the staff.

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I advise you to drive past this hotel.


Juni 13, 2022

I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at 5011 Louise Dr, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 on June 2nd 2022.
I was travelling from East Tx to Eastern Mass to visit family.
I normally stay around the Harrisburg area at a Holiday Inn Express (HIE).
I booked my room and all was well.
As I was driving I realized I had booked a different HIE (I determined I'd be off the road earlier than expected).
I called the Mechanicsburg phone number and asked them if I could cancel my reservation if I am able to find a room at the HIE I normally used. I was told no. I found that irritating but I had to accept it because the gentleman told me that even if they could re-book the room they would still charge me.
When I arrived in Mechanicburg I talked with the person I had spoken to on the telephone. I told him I thought it was pretty lousy to not give me the consideration I asked for (I am in their awards program). His co-worker agreed with me and said so.
They told me a national Ford Motors gathering was in town and everything was booked.
I was shocked and said that makes it worse. You could have obviously filled the room.
Here is what he said, "It doesn't matter if we could have booked the room, it is policy."
I laughed out loud. What a customer centric policy, not.
When I got to my room I kept hearing a loud door creaking. My friend on the phone heard it also and asked what it was.
I was not sure. I later figured out that when the A/C stopped it made a sound exactly like a creaking door.
Realizing this I knew it would be much louder at night and would probably disturb my sleep. I turned off the A/C and accepted that the room may get a bit warm.
I had driven all day so I was in bed and asleep by about 8:30. At 9:30 I heard a next door room slam the door. They then proceeded to slam it from 7 to 10 times. Then it stopped. I hoped it was over. It wasn't. Several minutes later the slamming started up again. This time it was 6 to 10 slams.
I was finally forced to get up and call the front desk. I told them that a guest was having trouble with their door and they were slamming it over and over. The gentleman at the front desk said "We are trying to fix it" I was stunned.
The slamming at 9:30 in the evening was the hotel staff.
I had kept my cool up until then but couldn't hold back and called them ^&*^* morons. Shortly after I heard someone state that customers were trying to sleep.
I struggled to get back to sleep for almost 2 hours. I needed to leave early (3:30am) to make up for my booking mistake. Before I left I asked for my room to be comped. I was told they have no authority to do this. I was not surprised.

I had built up a lot of good will for HIE over the last few years, it was depleted that day.

I for one will drive past their sign for now on.

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Agustus 12, 2021

Often times you only hear the 'bad' things about hotels. My family stayed for three nights; myself, husband, and 3 kids under 6. The room was clean, the hotel itself was nice and smelled clean! Everything appeared to be new! The person at the front desk at check-in was very friendly! The pool was small, but very nice for the kids. The gym facilities were incredible, my husband and i used them two out of 3 of the nights. Breakfast was more than just muffins and cereal; included scrambled eggs and either bacon or sausage in addition to yogurt, cereal, toast, bagels, etc. I highly recommend this hotel!!!

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Leak in bathroom ceiling


Juli 22, 2021

While at Hershey Park on my day of check-in I received a call that there was an issue with my room and I needed to contact the hotel as soon as possible. When I called back I was told the issue was resolved and they 'found' me a room. My room had been reserved for over a month prior. Myself and my two young children arrived at 9 pm after a long day. I entered the room to find the bathroom floor flooded with an active leak from the ceiling (room 204). The leak was directly adjacent the light and fan fixtures leaving me concerned for safety as the water was clearly very close to electrical wiring. I called the front desk and someone was sent up who mopped up the large pool of water with towels and moved our trash can under the leak, then surrounded it in a mountain of the dirty towels she just used, telling me that was the best that she could do and there were no other rooms available. I then contacted corporate (including pictures) and received an email response that hotel management would contact me within 48 hours - I have still not received any contact. Definitely not worth the $180 I paid for one night.

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