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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Harrisburg S - New Cumberland

190 Beacon Hill Boulevard , New Cumberland, Pennsylvania 17070

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Great place to stay


aprile 30, 2021


We stay here on our way to Atlantic City and this is our first trip since the pandemic started. Needless to say we were a bit concerned about cleanliness and other precautions taken.

Turned out to be a GREAT stay ! While everyone we dealt with were courteous and helpful, we would like to especially thank TJ for all his help to make our stay enjoyable. Looking forward to traveling more and returning here again.

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Bed Bugs Room 403


ottobre 07, 2019

I was reluctant to write this review, but I feel obligated to, since I do not feel that the staff, I reported this to took it very seriously.

I found a rather large bed bug the second night of my stay when I went to use the bathroom that morning. It fell off my shirt as I was walking and was able to get a detailed image of it on the (very unclean) bathroom floor. I wasn't sure at first if it was a bed bug, since it was around the size of my fingernail, so I did some research before I brought it to the staff's attention. Upon my research, I found that it was in fact a bed bug and that the peculiar small black dots on my pillowcase were characteristic of its droppings.

After my meeting and dinner that night, I brought the image of the bed bug and concern to the woman at the front desk. She proceeded to announce loudly that it was not a bed bug (multiple times) because it was too large. Well based on the research that I conducted, a bed bug can grow up to 4.5mm, which I tried to explain to her. She said that if I felt uncomfortable that she would move me.

I was moved to another room for my last night and quickly took all my clothing to the guest laundry room. During my research I found that in order to kill bed bugs, you need to dry them in the dryer for 30 mins on high heat. I found out in order to use the guest laundry; you need a special key from the front desk. So I went down and spoke with the same front desk staff and was told I would need to pay $4.00/hour to use the service. They wouldn't even waive the laundry charge, that I only had to use because of the negligence of this hotel.

I have attached georeferenced, images from my stay at this hotel. As you can see, there are bites on my right hand along my knuckles that are in the typical "line" pattern.

I would recommend steering clear of this hotel after my experience. I understand that the presence of bed bugs does not always indicate an unclean hotel, but the way the staff handled this makes me very uneasy. I had to take a lot of precautions in order to prevent them from possibly spreading to my own home. This is grossly unacceptable and will be keeping my distance from this hotel for all future travel to this area.

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