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Holiday Inn Express & Suites Raleigh NE - Medical Ctr Area

3618 New Bern Avenue , Raleigh, North Carolina 27610

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dicembre 08, 2021

It's rare that I have to write a negative review on a property's management policy and refusal to correct an honest mistake.
Simply: A Double Booking whereby one of the bookings should be refunded; since it was clearly a mistake. I am a IHG member and inadvertently booked a night at the Medical Center Holiday Inn Express and stayed and paid -- the same evening -- at the Holiday Inn Express Downtown Raleigh. I know all about cancellation rules as I have booked numerous hotels in my career, and I would not intentionally walk away from a night's stay. Instead of recognizing the mistake, the hotel ignored my repeated requests for a refund. I would easily spend that money in another IHG hotel if this Medical Center Hotel would do the right and fair thing.
They would rather keep the money from the unused booking rather than realizing that I would've spend $1000's in future bookings if they had the ethics to correct a customer mistake.
Either the property is not doing well or the chain is incredibly greedy.
Management, after weeks of pulling teeth, offered a complimentary night at the same offending property. It's not likely I'll be returning to Raleigh anytime soon, so that offer is virtually useless.
Why is it so hard to do the right thing? How are they helping the customer?

Caveat Emptor!

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novembre 23, 2021


This is a complaint about management at this property not doing the right thing. When given the ability to correct an error, the management at this property chose to "stick it to the customer" by not allowing a refund for a room un-used; especially when I inadvertently double booked a stay at this property, and a stay at another Holiday Inn Express. I am quite familiar with cancellation policies, and all the ways where you have to be careful. I would think that by being an IHG member, I would be given the benefit of the doubt in terms of making an honest mistake. Even though I booked and created revenue for the company by staying at another Holiday Inn in Raleigh, this management chose to not respond within 48 hours (it took over a week), and then chose to not refund my unused night. Yes, I understand the rules, but an honest mistake is an honest mistake. Management initially agreed with me, after 7 calls that it was a mistake and that double bookings could happen; but later refused to do the right thing.
Caveat Emptor.

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