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Extremely Disappointed


сентября 26, 2020

This, unfortunately, is in response to probably the worst FIRST experience that I have ever been subject to with your company.

My company uses IHG properties 90% of the time. We have over 100 employees that stay with IHG every month; for an average of 5 days per stay. I personally request to stay at IHG properties every time I am on the road (which is about 26 weeks in a year).

I arrived at your establishment in Dallas at approximately 7 pm on Friday September 25th and was greeted by the front desk clerk (who I now know is Nadia).

I showed her my ID (upon her request). She then asked for a credit card for verification. I replied that there should be a CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION on file (as is customary for my company to send ahead of our traveling). She responded that there was not one on file and that I should produce a card that she can verify.

Because this happens sometimes, my company often sends us travelers a copy of the authorization form to produce in cases like this. I told Nadia that I will forward the email to her email (which I already had in my email since I stayed at this exact location the weekend immediately before today). Once I did that she snarled, "no it is company policy for you to give me a credit card with a chip so I can have it on file! I'm sorry but that is how we do it!".

Let me remind you, I have just completed a 5 and a half hour drive from Midland, TX and came here to rest. Instead of a warm and friendly and accommodating welcome, I am met with attitude and resistance and fight.

I told her that I have forwarded her the authorization form that my company has provided and she says, "no! I am going to give you the authorization form that my company requires as company policy. You can fill that out and THEN I will have my manager approve look at it. But he still has to approve it!".

I told her that I just went through this last week and the young lady (very sweet) was able to, without question, forward the email to the manager for his/her approval. Nadia responds by saying that we don't do that and it has to be on our form and you will have to wait until he approves it. She goes on to say that the manager just left and is driving so she doesn't know when he will have time to stop driving just to approve my authorization.

I asked her for the supervisor's name and she, in a scoffing and condescending tone, replies, "he's not a supervisor! He's the manager!"; as she points and directs my attention to the wall behind the counter where the manager's name is hung.

This type of behavior is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!
I expect better from this company and am beyond frustrated and astonished that she is working in the front as the first point of contact for returning customers.

I will be notifying my company about this. I am not happy.

Nadia was condescending, petty, and outright inappropriate. There is a lot more that took place but I believe that you have gotten the point.

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