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Gastronomie im Haus

All Day Dining Restaurant

The Restaurant is Oriental style with the elements of a tropical rainforest. Offers local and international cuisine, whether it's a good time with friends or family, or a business dinner, we will prepare you to satisfy your taste buds. All Day Dining Restaurant can accommodate up to 190 seats for business dinners, casual breaks, dating, family gatherings, gatherings with friends and more.

Ort: B1 Floor

Serviert: Frühstück, Mittagessen, Abendessen, Dessert

Öffnungszeiten: 06:30 Uhr-10:00 Uhr, 18:30 Uhr-21:00 Uhr

Chinese Restaurant

Combining Chinese Red style and forest elements together, the Chinese Restaurant offers a fresh and natural dining environment feel like bathing in the forest. Here you can experience the enthusiasm of Sichuan cuisine, the exquisiteness of Cantonese cuisine and the authenticity of Hainan local dishes. The Chinese Restaurant is equipped with 126 seats and three separate private rooms, the largest of which can accommodate 16 guests.

Ort: B1 floor

Serviert: Mittagessen, Abendessen

Öffnungszeiten: 11:30 Uhr-14:00 Uhr, 17:30 Uhr-21:00 Uhr

Hotel Bars & Lounges

Fan Fei

The design style of the tropical rainforest concept complements the unobstructed 2100㎡pool outside the lobby bar and the South China Sea not far away. A cup of coffee, a tropical dessert, wrapped in a comfortable seat in the lobby, everything is so relaxing and cozy. Here you can enjoy a variety of dim sum, Chinese tea and drinks, which is an ideal place for you to meet up with girlfriends, friends and partners. it offers a variety of refreshments, Chinese teas and drinks.

Ort: Hotel Lobby

Öffnungszeiten09:00 Uhr - 23:00 Uhr