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Restaurante do hotel

Restaurantes no local: 1


Serviço de quartos disponível: Quartos executivos, Suites e Quartos

12:00 da manhã - 12:00 da manhã

Restaurantes do hotel

Bourbon House

Located in the Astor Crowne Plaza, Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House is all about local seafood. If it's not in season, you won't find it on the menu. Enjoy authentic New Orleans dishes at New Orleans' premier oyster bar and seafood restaurant. Bourbon House boasts a lively atmostphere with huge picture windows overlooking Bourbon Street. The dining rooms of this famous French Quarter restaurant are indicative of New Orleans' European heratige, with handcrafted wrought iron and custom millwork.

Localização: Located in the Lobby

Dá acesso: Pequeno-almoço, Brunch, Almoço, Jantar, Sobremesa

Horário de funcionamento: 6:30 da manhã-11:00 da tarde

Bares e lounges de hotel

Bourbon House Bar

Bourbon House is also more than just a name. The restaurant offers New Orleans' most extensive and impressive selection of small batch and single barrel bourbons, a delicious Frozen Bourbon Milk Punch, and the one and only New Orleans Bourbon Society.

Localização: Lobby Level

Horário de funcionamento: 11:00 da manhã - 10:00 da tarde