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Otelde Yemek
Hotel offers an exciting array of specialty dining experiences, including Feast All Day Dining restaurant, Longxue Chinese restaurant, Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant, Cha Lounge, Moonlight Lounge, Altitude Bar, Himalayan Café and Sense Reading Loung

Tesis İçi Restoranlar: 3

Kokteyl Barı

Oda Servisi Mevcuttur: Yönetici Odaları, Süit ve Oda

12:00 ÖÖ - 12:00 ÖÖ

Otel Restoranları

Feast All Day Dining

Enjoy trendy Western and Asian favorite cuisines and a wide selection of our live cooking stations. Our innovative chefs create distinctive and flavorful dishes from choosing the finest local ingredients. Buffets are available during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Yer: Lobby Level

Hizmetler: Kahvaltı, Öğle Yemeği, Akşam Yemeği, Tatlı

Çalışma Saatleri: 6:03 ÖÖ-11:00 ÖS

Long Xuan Chinese Restaurant

Our Long Xuan Chinese Restaurant provides you the most authentic spicy Sichuan, healthy Cantonese and mysterious Tibetan cuisine. Six Tibetan king VIP rooms can accommodate up to 120 people. Our talented chefs will prepare every dish with distinctive style and strive to make the perfect flavor to your delight and taste bud.

Yer: Level 1

Hizmetler: Öğle Yemeği, Akşam Yemeği, Tatlı

Çalışma Saatleri: 11:30 ÖÖ-2:00 ÖS, 6:00 ÖS-10:00 ÖS

Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

"Teppanyaki" Japanese hot plate grill restaurant serves our guest truly authentic Japanese cuisine in this mystical land of sunshine and blue skies.

Yer: Lobby Level

Hizmetler: Öğle Yemeği, Akşam Yemeği, Tatlı

Çalışma Saatleri: 11:30 ÖÖ-2:30 ÖS, 6:00 ÖS-10:00 ÖS

Otel Barları ve Lobileri

Moonlight Lounge

A comfortable and relax venue for casual meetings, enjoy an afternoon tea or a glass of cocktail in the evening. The Lobby Lounge is an ideal place to mingle and relax. It offers light snacks with a wide selection of wines, seasonal cocktails and liquors, all amid a relaxed ambience.

Yer: Lobby 1st Foor

Çalışma Saatleri: 9:00 ÖÖ - 12:00 ÖÖ

Cha Lounge

The ancient art of tea allows you to enjoy a sense of serenity and relieve the pressures of the day while rejuvenating your soul.

Yer: 2nd Floor

Çalışma Saatleri: 9:00 ÖÖ - 12:00 ÖÖ

Himalayan Café

Our "Himalayan" Café which perfectly combine the Tibetan and a little of modern touch, offering a variety of freshly brewed coffee, Tibetan style milk tea and all kinds of local snacks. Let’s re-energize your body with a peaceful mind in a calming atmosphere.

Yer: Lobby 1st Floor

Çalışma Saatleri: 9:00 ÖÖ - 12:00 ÖÖ

Moonlight Bar

The "Altitude" bar provides the best entertainment with gorgeous decoration, latest professional audio and video system. Lovely and talented In House Live Band will be playing your all time favorites. Let your hair down while chill out with all kinds of exquisite snacks and world famous wines and liquor.

Yer: Lobby 1st Floor

Çalışma Saatleri: 6:00 ÖS - 12:00 ÖÖ

Sense Book Bar

Want to understand more in deep about the mysterious and amazing Tibet or the universe? Sit back and lounge at "Sense" Reading Lounge where you will find all kinds of interesting books and magazine that suits your interest and the sense of exploration in you.

Yer: 2nd Floor

Çalışma Saatleri: 9:00 ÖÖ - 12:00 ÖÖ