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InterContinental Bahrain

Concierge Nahaufnahme
Roderick Asahan
Head Concierge

Welcome to InterContinental Regency Bahrain. The concierge team is at your service 24 hours a day and we look forward to helping you enjoy Bahrain and all it has to offer.

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Start your morning in Bahrain with a city tour which will take you to Al Fateh Grand Mosque, the biggest mosque in Bahrain and a sight to behold. The next stop will be at the Bahrain National Museum where you can learn about the fascinating history of Bahrain, which goes back over 1,000 years of history. Afterwards, visit the house of Sheikh Isa located in the old city of Muharraq before on your way to Al Jasra handicraft centre where you can buy local crafts and souvenirs. End your morning with a drive out to a wonderful mystic place the Tree of Life, the oldest tree in Bahrain standing alone in the middle of desert with over 400 years of history.


In the afternoon, cool off with a traditional pearl-diving tour in Al Dar Islands. This lasts for about three hours and includes a free diving session into the deep blue waters. Then, if you're a fan of Formula 1, visit the Bahrain International Circuit to sample the thrill of the famous race track before taking a trip over the King Fahad Causeway. This bridge connects Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and is a modern wonder of technology.


To get the most out of a night in Bahrain, visit Adliya. This is Bahrain's happening area, teaming with nightlife. It can be a little crowded but this place is tremendous fun: cosmopolitan, outgoing and exciting. Pick one of the numerous restaurants or bars and enjoy great Bahraini or international cuisine while being captivated by a variety of entertainment and shows.

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  • Bahrain

    Bahrain is an archipelago of 33 islands, the largest being Bahrain Island, at 55 km (34 mi) long by 18 km (11 mi) wide. Saudi Arabia lies to the west and is connected to Bahrain by the King Fahad Causeway. Qatar is to the southeast across the Gulf of Bahrain. The planned Qatar-Bahrain Causeway will link Bahrain and Qatar and become the world's longest marine causeway.

  • Barbar Temple

    Excavations begun in the 1950s and 1960s have revealed three stone-built temples dating from the second and third millennia BC. It is believed that they were built as a place of worship for the God of spring waters, Enki, and a sacred well discovered within the complex further strengthens this theory. Barbar Temple is also listed in UNESCO Heritage site.

  • Tree of Life

    Tree of Life is a large single mesquite tree that has been sitting in the middle of the Bahrain desert for over 400 years.

  • Al Fateh Grand Mosque

    The Al Fateh Grand Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world, encompassing 6,500 square meters and having the capacity to accommodate over 7,000 worshippers at a time. Conservative attire is required upon your visit. Abaya (traditional dress for womens) will be provided for female and non-Muslim visitors.

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