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InterContinental Marseille - Hotel Dieu


Intercontinental Marseille - Hotel Dieu

InterContinental Marseille - Hotel Dieu is perfectly located overlooking the Vieux Port, adjacent to the oldest district in Marseille known as the Panier. The hotel is housed in a listed historical monument dating back to the 18th century and features a spectacular terrace, where you can relax while admiring the Vieux Port. Nearby the Calanques must be seen. Marseille is the vibrant Mediterranean's capital of Provence.

Tentang Renovasi Kami
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CHECK-IN: 2PM (Tersedia check-in dini) CHECK-IN: 2PM (Tersedia check-in dini) CHECK-IN: 2PM (Tersedia check-in dini)
CHECK-OUT: 12PM (Tersedia check-out lebih lambat) CHECK-OUT: 12PM (Tersedia check-out lebih lambat) CHECK-OUT: 12PM (Tersedia check-out lebih lambat)
FRONT DESK : +33-4-13424200

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    • Perincian Aksesibilitas Kamar Tamu
      • Kloset yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Furnitur bisa ditata ulang untuk memperluas ruang
      • Kamar & Rute yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Sistem Darurat Kabel/Tombol Kamar Mandi
      • Sistem Darurat Kabel/Tombol Kamar Tidur
      • Batang Pegangan/Ruang Manuver yang Cukup/Toilet Tinggi
      • Ruang Berputar yang Cukup
      • Perpipaan Berbantalan/Ruang Bebas Di Bawah Meja Rias
    • Perincian Aksesibilitas Elevator
      • Akses Elevator Semua Lantai
      • Elevator yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Elevator Dekat Kamar yang Dapat Diakses Difabel
    • Perincian Aksesibilitas Area Publik
      • Toilet Umum: Perpipaan Berbantalan/Ruang Bebas Meja Rias
      • Toilet Umum: Bilik yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Pintu Masuk Hotel yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Kursi Roda Tersedia
      • Toilet Publik yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Tempat Duduk Kursi Roda Restoran
      • Fasilitas Umum yang Dapat Diakses Difabel
    • Perincian Aksesibilitas Parkir
      • Jalan Datar Antara Parkir dan Pintu Masuk
      • Parkir di Tepi Jalan/Lereng Trotoar yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Tempat Parkir Difabel dengan Rambu
      • Parkir Difabel/ Dapat Diakses
      • Parkir yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda/2 Tempat


      Kamar Standar, Suite, Pusat Bisnis, Area Publik dan Ruang Konvensi Pertemuan
    • WIFI berkecepatan premium tersedia


    • Marseille Provence Airport (MRS)
    • Perkiraan Ongkos Taksi: # {estimateChargeByTaxi}
    • Perkiraan waktu dengan taksi: 30


    • Parkir mobil tersedia
    • Ruang Parkir/59 Tempat
    • Parkir Valet tersedia
    • Biaya harian parkir valet: 28 EUR
    • Valet parking service only in our secured garage.


    Selamat Datang di Marseille

    Audrey Berr
    Chef Concierge

    Bersantap di Marseille


    Les Fenêtres

    7:00 AM-11:00 PM

    Les Fenêtres is decorated in a traditional brasserie style with banquettes and tables offering an intimate atmosphere. It will cater for up to 80 guests. The imaginative design using glass and mirrors underlines the stylish, harmonious overall aspect. The Mediterranean cuisine is, of course, de rigueur! However, all visitors, both local and international are catered for, with a well designed menu providing a large range of choices.


    Alcyone - The Michelin Star Restaurant

    7:30 PM-10:30 PM

    Lionel Levy hailed by his peers as the inspiration for contemporary and creative cuisine in Marseille offers food that is elegantly tasteful and generous. Alcyone nourishes not just your palate but also provides a feast for the eyes with breathtaking views of the Vieux Port. Lionel Levy is busily putting the finishing touches to his gourmet creations. Alcyone is a Michelin starred restaurant.



    10:00 AM-1:00 AM

    Sip your favourite cocktails in the chic contemporary setting of “The Capian” bar, either comfortably installed in the lounge or on the delightful terrace overlooking the Vieux-Port. Discover the welcoming, intimate atmosphere here, where music, artists and high society mingle and blend.

    Les Fenêtres
    Alcyone - The Michelin Star Restaurant
    Kamar Eksekutif atau Suite?

    Kamar Klasik

    Guest Room Photo
    Kamar Klasik

    Kamar Eksekutif

    Kamar Eksekutif
    Kamar Eksekutif


    Suite Photo

    Kamar Klasik

    The Deluxe rooms, ranging in size from 28 à 35 M², overlook either the historic Panier area or the French gardens. The bathroom surprises guests with its space! Most bathrooms have both a shower and a large bath set in a mineral, sober-toned atmosphere. The spacious bed with its white leather headboard, the hand-embroidered Provençal throw, the ceiling coving and the bath tub all hark back to the Provence of olden days. Subtle touches of light serve to underscore this peaceful, soothing space with its quiet stone hues and grey tones.
    Our Deluxe rooms offer exquisite views over the Vieux Port and the Notre Dame de la Garde Basilica or over the French garden.
    Guest Room Photo

    Kamar Eksekutif

    The décor in the Executive Room bears a resemblance to that of the Deluxe but is more spacious, ranging in size from 35 to 41 M². A living wall, containing all the necessary elements (lamp, television, sofa) is discreetly integrated and adds to the pleasant, intimate ambience.
    Kamar Eksekutif


    Choose one of our superbly appointed Suites and enjoy the outstanding and enchanting views from the lofty, floor-to-ceiling windows. Our Suites with their spacious 110 square meters guarantee a tranquil, serene luxury.
    Suite Photo
    Kamar Klasik
    Kamar Eksekutif
    Hal-hal Esensial
    Temukan pelayanan untuk bisnis, kebugaran, anak-anak, dan lainnya

    Pelayanan Berbasis Biaya dan Berbantuan Staf

    • Pengambilan Dry Cleaning atau Laundry Valet
    • Dry Cleaning Hari yang Sama
    • Penukaran Mata Uang Asing
    • Pengasuh Sewaan
    • Housekeeping Harian
    • Our housekeeping service is available 24 hours a day.

    Layanan Lainnya

    • Pusat Bisnis
    • Pusat Bisnis 24 Jam
    • Printer
    • Layanan Fotokopi
    • Pemindai
    • Pasokan Kantor Tersedia
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    Pertemuan & Acara


    The meeting rooms boast natural daylight and accommodate from 10 to 200 people.