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What’s next? It’s totally up to you.

You’ve got a lot of great options to choose.  Simply stay, earn or redeem points once every 12 months and keep them from expiring!


You’re always welcome here

Book a night at any of our nearly 5,200 locations worldwide and you'll make a new memory and get more points.

Get away

Use your points at any one of our locations around the world.

Go when you want
Go when you want

You don’t have to wait until you have enough: redeem Points & Cash to get away for less whenever the mood hits.



Want even more?

Book a Bonus Points Package and earn up to 5,000 bonus points per stay!


Don’t wait for instant gratification

Buy the points you need and get what you want right now.


You’re always welcome here
Get yourself a little something

Our online catalog is full of necessities, treats, and gadgets galore.




Want even more?
IHG® Rewards Club Credit

Learn about IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card Card*. As a card holder, you’ll earn points for every purchase.  *IHG® Rewards Club Credit Cards only available in the US, UK and China.

Want even more?
Dial up instant entertainment

Transform your points into books, games, software and all sorts of fun with digital downloads.


Want even more?
Who doesn’t love a gift card?

Use your points to give yourself a gift card or, even better, give one to a friend.




Want even more?
Impress your group

IHG® Business Rewards members can earn points while booking meetings, events and accommodations on behalf of others.


The perfect pairing to your next meal.

We've partnered with leading restaurants and merchants to give you more ways to earn and use your points.


Use your points to make a difference

Donate your points to the IHG Foundation and help make communities around the world better places for all.




Sharing (points) is caring

Help a friend or family member make a memory and give them some points towards making their dream a reality.


Rewards that can move you

Take that well-deserved trip and put your points towards some airline miles to a destination that you’ve been dreaming of.






Earn Elite Status and Deepen Your Rewards




Everything you need to make travel easier. As a member, stay connected with free Internet whenever you stay with us. Book a hotel and easily manage your reservations with the IHG® app. And get the Best Price Guarantee when you book directly with IHG.

Gold Elite

Achieve Gold with just 10 nights or 10,000 points, down from 15 nights/20,000 points. And enjoy 10% bonus points on top of your base points.

Platinum Elite

Achieve Platinum with 40 nights or 40,000 points, down from 50 nights/60,000 points. And enjoy 50% bonus points on top of your base points.

Spire Elite

Achieve our highest membership level with 75 nights or 75,000 points, and enjoy the view from the top. Enjoy 100% bonus points on top of your base points. Receive 25,000 annual bonus points or choose to gift Platinum membership to a friend or family member for one year.



  1. Free Internet Access is available to all members. Internet accessibility, speed and connectivity in common areas and guest rooms vary by hotel. Details regarding a property's Internet accessibility will be available at the hotel's registration desk.
  2. May not be available in all regions.
  3. Subject to availability.