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Booking with Confidence

Here for your stay, and your day

Booking with Confidence

Here for your stay, and your day

Rewards you deserve

Rewards you deserve
When it comes to travel, your possibilities are endless. Redeem your points for Reward Nights through IHG® Rewards Club.
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Let’s go to places together. Earning is effortless. Redeeming points is simple.

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IHG® Rewards offers

IHG Bonus Points Package

Earn 1,000 points every night

Add 1,000+ Elite qualifying bonus points on each night of your stay with Member Rate Bonus Points Packages.

Reward Night

Redeem points for Rewards

Choose free Reward Nights or other great options.

Rewards Catalogue

Find the perfect gift

From gift cards to unique travel destinations, our new rewards catalogue is full of ideas and experiences for you to enjoy. 

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Download the IHG® App

Download the IHG® App

Use the App to find and book your ideal hotel and manage your stay preferences.

How the well travelled travel

How the well travelled travel

Join Ambassador and you can enjoy a range of additional benefits when you stay at InterContinental Hotels & Resorts.

Points & Cash

Stay for Less

With our Points & Cash program use fewer points to book your next Reward Night!